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I didn't know where else to put this. Hopefully someone can give me some insight...

My wife and I just had our first (and only) child last Monday. I went to a fire department to get the car seat professionally installed, and to learn how it's done.
We had wanted to put the seat in the middle in the rear because in our opinion that is the safest place in the car. There were no anchors in the middle, so he used the seat belt. The firefighter couldn't get it tight enough with the seat belt, so he suggested moving it to a door seat so he could use the factory installed anchors.

I completely blanked and didn't think about this until afterward, but I was wondering if it would be safe if we were to put it in the middle and use one of the anchors on either side. There are two on either seat, so what would it hurt to put the car seat in the middle and use one on each side? That way she is in the middle of the car, and the seat is still anchored to the chassis.

I wanted to get some insight from other Forester owners before I made this decision though. I know these cars are super safe, which was a huge selling point when the baby was still on the way. The safety of my child is my number one concern.
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