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My 09 Subaru Outback started getting a check engine light. It has 40,000 miles.

I took it to AutoZone to see what the code meant and they told me it was throwing a catalytic converter code.

I took it to a Subaru dealer service shop and they said I'd need to pay a diagnostic fee of $89.95 and it would take an hour to fix. After an hour my car didn't move so I followed up. They then called me within 10 minutes and told me they found the problem.

They said it was a broken evap hose at vapor recovery system. They said the hose was split.

I drove away and within hours the Check Engine light came back on.

So I went back and they said it's now indicating a code of the catalytic converter needing to be replaced and it would be covered under warranty.

I was told they could not refund the diagnostic fee since they fixed something that was broken and was not under warranty. Well since the light came back on after they reset the check engine indicator they misdiagnosed the problem that I took it in for.

So if they would have found the problem to begin with then I would not have been charged a diag fee.

Should I forget about it or challenge them / call BBB and Subaru?

I am going back to their shop once the part arrives.

Thanks so much.
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