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I have an 02 forester that I bought used. It came with a factory alarm and an after market alarm (sidewinder). Sometimes when I lock my car by using the sidewinder keyless entry, the alarm will chirp like it is locked, I will hear my locks make a light click sound, but they do not lock. I can still open my car doors which will then set off my alarm. This does not happen every time I lock my car only every 5 to 10 locks, pretty much at random. When I unlock my car to get in the factory alarm goes off like it is being broken into. I have tried everything: taken it to the Sidewinder installers multiple times and they can't tell me crap, changed the batteries in both keyless remotes, and I have trouble shooted both the sidewinder alarm and factory alarm manual. I dont have the original remotes that came with the car so I can't figure out if it is the sidewinder alarm or something wrong with my locking mechanism. I am a little hesitant on taking it to the sub dealer because if sidewinder suggests it only be taken to their "specially trained techs". Any advice on what to do?
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