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2000 Forester L
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I have some problems here.... BTW, 2000, 5spd manual

I can't select any gears. It doesn't matter if the engine's running or not. I cannot get the shifter into any of the gears and actually I can't move it to the right from neutral position. Basically all the movement I get from the shifter is to the left from neutral and that's it...

I have two issues on the go and I think one may be related. My clutch started to slip recently, but because this happens both with the engine on and off, I don't think it is it. The second issue was the popping out of 5th gear issue, I don't know if this could be related but I suppose so. Does anyone know if the nut slipping off could cause this??

Also, a third possibility is that there is something wrong with shift linkage...

Anyone has any clues??
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