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Can't figure this out - speaker icon, top right of the map screen?

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I have a '19 Touring w/Nav. There is an icon on the top right of the map screen which shows a speaker (I think) and an "X". Pushing on this does nothing other than show the tuned radio station. It has to do something else, but I can't figure it out what and could not locate any reference in the nav manual.

Any info, or manual page explanation would be appreciated

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Could it be a mute for the route instructions?
@vtdog I am not sure if you resolved this yet but if you have maybe this will help someone else. The upper right hand conner indicates the source that is playing on the HU. For example if Pandora is playing the "P" logo will show in the corner or if the HU is currently muted the the icon describe above will show.
@vtdog Hit the volume button to mute and it should 'X' out.
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