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Some of you may have seen this posted on some other forums (iWSTI, TSC, etc.) but I thought some of you might be interested to see the project.

A local GTA tuning shop has been dominating the Castrol Touring Car Series the last couple years with their Versace sponsored WRX STi's, and over the winter they decided to take things a little further.
They built this beast to run in the GT1 class of the recently formed GT Challenge series. It was revealed this past weekend at Mosport International Raceway during the BEMC/CASC Ontario Regional Races.

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I’ve been waiting to post up about this GD series Impreza until it was unveiled on track for obvious reasons. While it did hit the track this past weekend the car is far from complete, and the guys at Can-Jam Motorsports have some huge plans for it still. Regardless, seeing this beast finally turn laps was really exciting and I’m sure truly satisfying for the team. I know they have been working literally around the clock to prepare the car for its first weekend – even if it was racing its first race in the sleet and snow!

- Nigel’s car gets a new wider GT wing this year. I can’t wait to see what further aero enhancements the Can-Jam guys cook up for this car.

- You really get a feeling for how low this car is now, and believe it or not this isn’t as low as it’s going to run normally, this was raised up!

- Aerocatches for the rear “doors”. Nice touch.

- Not much has changed on the interior of these cars, they were already fully built with all the proper safety and control, all race spec goodness.

- Prior to swapping on the wet tires I managed to snap a pic of the dry setup as it stands currently, although that may change too apparently…

- Look at how wide! That front chin splitter really does a great job – this was just a slight breeze and the whole car began to levitate… :icon_wink:

- I’m not kidding about the sleet and snow, conditions for these cars debuts were awful to say the least. Here’s Nigel or Nicholas (not sure who’s more creative this way) warming their gloves on the soup after a session in the wet!

- This project has been ongoing for the past few months over at Can-Jam, they decided after dominating the Castrol Touring Car series last season so completely that they wanted to move the cars into events where there would be more opportunity for proper competition.

- Nigel’s new black beast will be competing along with Nicholas’ revamped blue car this season in GT Sprints and the newly formed GT Challenge series. Despite appearances both cars have undergone some serious changes over the cold months and firm goals for these cars are set.

- While the car may look low and wide now, this is nowhere near as low as it’s going to run normally and this wheel/tire combo isn’t even close to what is planned for this car…

- Add to this a substantial aero package improvement along with some other plans I’ll leave for the next development installment, and this is one ‘project’ you’re going to want to keep an eye on.

- I really can’t wait to see the next stage of this monster. It’s hard to look away!

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It's fine as long as the geometry can be changed, you can go as low as you want without dragging the chassis. The low issue on normal cars has to do with both the geometry and loss of bump travel range. In a race car, as long as the rules allow, you can pretty much do whatever you want, so much of this can be fixed through modification of design.
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