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I have a 2006 Forester with a broken driver-side head from trying to replace the AVLS oil pressure sensor. Doh! Attempts to repair the piece that cracked off have so far been unsuccessful and lead to oil spewing at 3000+ RPM or when climbing a hill.

My last two options I can think of before pull and replace (entire engine or just head, not sure) are:
1) drill out the threads in the head, JB weld broken piece in with a 10mm aluminum pipe that has been tapped with matching thread pattern to the sensor, or
2) block off the hole and fill with JB weld, eliminating the sensor completely.

The second option seems more likely to work in regard to stopping oil from spilling (and not getting metal shavings in the engine) but what will happen?

Since the car is capable of running, I suppose I could just disconnect the connection and see if it continues to idle or pulls a CEL, but any experienced advice here would be great since I can’t rev the engine or put it under load. I’m also curious if I stick a volt meter on it whether I get digital on/off resistance or if it is variable based on the oil pressure. Maybe I can just “fake” the signal from the passenger-side sensor.
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