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99 uk s turbo manual
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hi i have a forester 1998 s/tb...
i have been told that suspension from the impreza fits up to 2004<
i tried fitting 95 classic suspension but the rears would not fot as to what actually fits i am looking to drop 3-4"...and run on 17 or 18"alloys...???
what size wheels/offset fits to fill the arches out and tire size???

what model bonnet scoop fits the forester bonnet as i want a taller one...

also is the radiator and fans the same as an impreza...

please be as specific as possible if you can...many thanks nige...

Mad Englishman.
MY06 Forester STi 6MT
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Beario, just as an aside it helps if you put your location (at least the country) and car model in your info in the side bar, or in a signature so people don't quote your the wrong info for your country.

Welcome by the way :biggrin:

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