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Awesome... I think we may finally get a personalized plate for Slynki once these are available!

Snoopy may soon show up on license plates |

It's an inspired idea that may soon have Snoopy showing up on license plates.

An image of Charles Schulz's most famous character — dancing the happy dance — will become California's newest specialized plate once at least 7,500 car owners register to buy one at The Snoopy Plate | Put a Beagle on your license plate!.

A Snoopy plate will cost $50, more if it's personalized. The proceeds will go into a fund that will make grants to California's more than 1,400 museums.

Santa Rosa's Jeannie Schulz saw to it that the license-plate program did not have to pay for the use of the likeness of Snoopy.

Her family's kindness may come back around: The Charles M. Schulz Museum, across Hardies Lane from the ice rink Sparky Schulz built, will be among the many California museums eligible for proceeds from sales of the Snoopy plate.

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+1 on Fighter Pilot

If I don't register my car in Virginia I'll sport these since I'm stationed here in Santa Rosa.
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