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I am going to buy a ski rack for my 03 Forester.
I found a BVG Snow Road ski rack with a great price on the web, but I'm not sure it will fit on my Forester. Their webpage says that it will fit on most factory crossbars except wider ones on recent X-terra, etc. Are there anybody tried this one? Do you think it will fit on my forester without any problems?

Following is an explanation for the product and a link.

BVG: BVG SnowRoad Ski/Snowboard Rack - Readily recognized as an Outside Magazine Gear of the Year winner by most ski and snowboard gearheads, Bauer's BVG SnowRoad Ski/Snowboard Rack offers a versatile six-ski/four-snowboard mount attachment system that attaches to narrow width crossbars on Yakima, Thule and other factory roof rack designs. It's not compatible with wider crossbar factory designs found on the Touareg, X-Terra, Hummer or Porsche Cayenne....Read More...A great choice for families with multiple vehicles and an array of rack crossbars, the award-winning BVG SnowRoad Ski/Snowboard Rack adapts to Thule, Yakima and most factory crossbars. A Gear of the Year Winner from Outside Magazine, the BVG SnowRoad Ski/Snowboard Rack features a built in locking system that secures the rack to your six pairs of skis (or four snowboards) and locks the rack to the crossbars. A height adjustment feature makes it easy to modify the dimensions for your ski or snowboard bindings. Keep in mind that the BVG SnowRoad Ski/Snowboard Rack works best on narrow crossbars. The wider crossbars found on late model Volkswagen Touaregs, Nissan X-Terras, GMC Hummers and Porsche Cayennes are not compatible with the BVG SnowRoad rack system.

* Attaches to Thule, Yakima and most factory crossbar systems
* Sized to accommodate six pairs of skis or four snowboards
* Key locking system locks skis to rack and rack to rails
* Height can be adjusted to accommodate ski and snowboard bindings
* SnowRoad rack mounting hardware included
* Not compatible with the wide factory crossbars equipped on the Touareg, X-Terra, Hummer and Cayenne
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