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2002 EJ25 - 2.5L Non-Turb manual
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hi everyone,

I'm looking at buying a forester after totaling my last car, primarily because the car i crashed into was a forester and while my commodore (australian) crumpled like a leaf, the forester i hit was pretty much undamaged:chair:.

Anyway, i found a used one for a bit over 3 grand australian, and seeing as it has a fair few Km on it it seems to be in pretty good nick (246000Km on the odometre) the only thing thats bothering me and why i didn't just buy it on the spot, was about a month ago the guy had to replace the gearbox, since then a very small leak has started somewhere and it drips right onto the exhaust. anyone have any idea what that might be? and how much would it cost to fix/replace if it needs fixing?
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