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Buying a used XT?

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I am going to look at a used 2004 XT and just want your input
on what to look out for other than the usual service history, underside
damage from off roading etc...

The Forester I am looking at is on 114,000 miles with a supposed
new clutch fitted recently.

All replies greatly appreciated. I am also taking a experienced Subaru mechanic
with me but all useful info means forewarned forearmed.
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take off oil cap and expansion tank cap, check for residues. also while running check for bubbles in expansion tank on the rad get someone to give it some revs and check then too! hg failure

listen for rattles when held at 3k revs then let off throttle listen for strange noises! usuually bottom end

last time timing belt was done!
as gigsy said a stock xt will be fine, these are just issues that have arisen of late, mine has done 122k running stock/275bhp/340bhp and is driven fairly hard!!
1 - 2 of 10 Posts