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Buying a used XT?

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I am going to look at a used 2004 XT and just want your input
on what to look out for other than the usual service history, underside
damage from off roading etc...

The Forester I am looking at is on 114,000 miles with a supposed
new clutch fitted recently.

All replies greatly appreciated. I am also taking a experienced Subaru mechanic
with me but all useful info means forewarned forearmed.
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Wouldn't worry too much about damage from off-roading… most that go off-road with them in the UK tend to use them to cross fields, not the Sahara.

Mechanically, they're almost identical to an Impreza - given that you own one of those, hopefully most of it will seem familiar.

The one thing I would definitely check for is the rear suspension units failing. You'll notice this as the car will have a saggy arse. The rear struts on an XT are self-leveling and are known to fail. Replacement SLS (self levelling suspension) struts are dealer only parts and v expensive. The solution most people go with is to use non-SLS struts and get some replacement springs (as these are different for SLS/non-SLS). Aim for a £500 discount if the struts are/have failed and then spend £200 on the non-SLS struts and springs :biggrin:
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The head gaskets are not as much of an issue as in the XT as they are in the normally aspirated engines. Is the XT you are looking at a 2.0 or a 2.5 liter? The 2.5 liter turbo engines have a few very serious bottom end issues if the car has been modified or run very hard. The pistons are known to crack under hard stress and cause severe oil consumption. A thorough leakdown test should be done.
Ringlands can fail on the 2.0 too (and probably the 2.5).

To the OP, this thread sounds like there are a lot of serious issues with the car but the problems listed are not "common" per se, they're just issues that do happen and are the most expensive to rectify. The majority of cars are very reliable and tend to go on and on and on so long as they are properly cared for.
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