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I am sure this has to be a first for a reason to go and play in the snow.

with the birth of our son we plan not to have anymore kids. For my wife this meant burning her pregnant jeans. for me it meant a trip to play in the snow.

Sorry for the lack of pics but 2 screaming kids meant Daddy had to use the turbo to get home quickly.:biggrin:

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Stopping so soon? :confused: My neighbor has 5 boys, from toddler to early teens. Oh yes, add 3 miniature weenier dogs to mix! :icon_eek: They seem like a very nice family, but they're usually too busy to chitchat! :lol: My one son keeps me very busy. :wink:


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:lol: great thread and great ceremony. We are calling it quits at 2 (someday), after that you are only contributing to overpopulation.
While I understand this I disagree. I come from a 5 child family, and my mother has 22 bro/sisters(same mom and dad too).

Some people are large family material and as long as you support them, then go for it. My youngest brother has no kids, and im sure he will never have kids. Its different for everyone I guess.

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We also stopped at 2 kids. TRhe cost of Daycare is nearly the smae as our mortgage! 3 kids means a bigger house, new cars and a 2nd job for one of no. No thank you!

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Well you may have done yourself in, usually after you give the crib away you find out you are expecting again, but the pants!

We have two as well, and it's a good thing we didn't have the second one first or there would have been only one!
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