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I picked up a set of Brakeman brakes with rotors that will fit under the stock 16" wheels. We'll see how they work once I get the calipers inspected and rebuilt with new pads. I'll also be replacing the rotors with new ones since they are a two-piece design. The Brakeman website shows a petal-style rotor (used quite successfully on bikes for a while now) but the ones I'm setting are the standard 'round' style. I picked up the entire system with lines for $300 so once you start squealing about the list price of about $2700 for the set-up, just keep that in mind. I'll have about $800 total wrapped up into it when it's all said and done.

Another option out there, but I wouldn't have bought it new for that kind of $$. More to come, but at least an option to keep thestock wheels (I'm trying to stay stealth).
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