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Both SF5 but they are different ....

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The SF5 Forester is the 1st generation, however there are several changes between a 1999 and a 2001 version.
Currently i'm deciding between a 1999 SF5 S-turbo and a 2001 SF5 S-turbo.

Ofcourse the 1999 one (green 2 tone) is cheaper but not by much, so i ask myself if the 2001 is a better choice apart from it being 2 years 'younger'.
Are there any drawback to the 2001 model compared to the older 1999 ?
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Nicer interior on the later ones, certainly amongst the imports. Also facelift imports had a different trim TD04 (spooled earlier,less topend).

None of this matters to you :) but someone might need to know one day...

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