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As briefly mentioned in my thread on US Postal costs, I had ordered some Subaru OEM Body coloured mudflaps - set of 4 - from SubieGal:

The cost was $83.45US including shipping.

The only additional cost at this end was: approx. £5 vat & a £4 Royal Mail fee for dealing with the pickup from customs & vat collection. I received a card to say the package was waiting collection at my local Royal Mail depot.

So, total cost in sterling was: £55.87 delivered.

They look great & will be fitted this weekend :cool:

The service from SubieGal was brilliant.

Ian - :D
P.S. Mine were Champagne Gold Opal & are on offer
Other colours for 03-05 + 06 would be approx: £71 shipped plus any tax/fees when they arrive.

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I just had silver ones installed a few weeks ago with my first SubaruBucks certificate. I love how they look, and they seem to deflect quite a bit of the wintry slop.

Mine's the one on the left. This was just taken this morning at work showing the Subaru club.


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