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I have a 2015 Forester. It has the stock radio CF625UM. Until recently, I was using a Samsung Galaxy S5 and the BT worked OK with that phone. I recently switched to a new phone MotoG6 and now my phone calls sound like crap. Audio streams from the phone like Pandora sound fine but the audio on calls is so bad it is unintelligible. People on the other end say they can hear me fine.

To try to isolate the problem to the phone or the car, I paired my phone with some Bose BT headphones and tried both Pandora and phone. Both sound fine so I am going to say it the unit in the car.

If I recall, I had BT problems when I first bought this 2015 and at some point there was a firmware upgrade or they switched heads and it worked ok.

Anyone else in a similar situation? Is there a fix?
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