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2018 Forester 2.5i Premium CVT
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A few days ago I changed my oil - routine oil change - used the recommended 0W-20, 5 quarts. I also topped off the coolant but spilled some on the serpentine belt. The next day, the belt was obviously slipping - some squealing, slow acceleration, a little jerking. I saw a little smoke - very light with a very slight bluish tint. Yesterday I drained out a little oil to try to see if it looked like it got coolant mixed in.
The oil had a little bit of a greenish tint but was definitely not milky or frothy or anything abnormal. Today when I went to drive it, I could hardly get out of my driveway. The smoke was worse but not constant like a blown head gasket, and it felt like it just wouldn't go into gear. I went a few hundred yards down the road and could hardly go over 20 mph no matter how much I tried to accelerate.

Blue smoke from the tailpipe has to be oil burning, right? Could spilling coolant on the belt do something to my transmission? Or could the belt have gotten damaged so bad that it won't hardly grab at all? What would the belt have to do with the blue smoke?

I've changed oil countless times. I know I didn't screw it up. My car has just under 30k miles.
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