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Blue, blue, blue, blue... blue is the best!!

Yes we do get snow in Australia (even if I had to drive 6 hours to find it!!)

We might be the driest continent and in the middle of a severe drought, but you can still find water

The car does occasionally get a clean!
Also shows off my fast toy (Honda CBR929)

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sheepie said:
Hi all - this is my first post here :)

What better way to introduce myself than to post a pic of my BLUE Forester!
lemme guess ... posting a pic of your BLUE Forester and yourself sitting on the driver's seat? :)

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Hi guys, here's my blue XT

Here's a few pics of my ride, only mods so far are 17" 225/50 wheels, CAI, RSB and cannon axel back for that great boxer rumble!


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