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Blowing oil and smoking out tailpipe - SOLVED!

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I recently bought an 04 forester xs head gasket & timing belt done 10,000 miles ago(verified)...first start this morning I noticed a puff of smoke out of the exhaust..drove 3 miles lost power and started smoking terrible..made it the 3 miles back home losing oil all the way..when I checked the dip stick an hr later it read overfull any ideas on what could have starts up no problem but blows smoke out the tailpipe
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Oil light came on the night before so I added 2 quarts but didn't run it til next morning..the CEL was on when I bought it 4 months ago was all misfire codes and an evac code but the car ran great..ive put approx 4,000 miles on it...oil is not dripping out of tailpipe only smoke..the oil is coming from somewhere on the passenger backside of engine.

Coolant is full
It was not smoking before that morning start up and yes it's very possible I overflowed the oil it was dark out and I automatically assumed because the light came on 2 quarts would be ok I'm sure I overfillled it because considering all I lost and it's still pretty full
It Worked!!! I want to thank you so much Bobby for your help..drained it he had almost 2 gallon in it. The oil pressure sensor was what caused the oil light to keep popping more smoke and the excess was blowing out the crankshaft just have to change the spark plugs cause I'm sure they're oil drenched..thanks again for your help
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