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00 Forester Sti
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I have a 2.0 Turbocharged JDM Sti Forester MY 00.

I've been looking around the net and I can't seem to find a Nur Spec R for the SF5. I've seen various others like the RX or the Spec T but never the Spec R.

Could anyone point me in the right direction to find one to fit the SF5? Or possibly point me towards a Spec R from another Subaru that will fit without trouble?

Also looking for Borla Headers to fit my car so if anyone could link me to some that will fit I'd be delighted!

I am ready to begin buying parts for my car but I haven't been able to source the correct products as of yet so when I find the right sites to buy then I can get the show on the road!

BY THE WAY - I like em' loud so my purchase won't be deterred by comments saying that the exhaust will be loud etc! :p

I'm living in Ireland so will need international shipping also :/.

Thanks and appreciate the help!


Don, King of the parts diagram
MY11 WRX STi Sedan 6MT
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Looks as if Blitz do the Nur Spec R for the SF forester

Why don't you ring FenSport the Blitz UK distributor to see if they have an outlet in Ireland or order through a UK dealer.......
Blitz UK: [Blitz UK Website]: Dealers

Similarly with Borland UK distributor as below...

St. Martin's Way, Bedford, MK42 0LF
Contact: Steve Trice
Phone: +44
Fax: +44
E-mail: [email protected]

According to the catalogue they do headers for the 2.0L WRX/STi (part no: 17217) so would expect them to fit an S/Tb

1998 forester s-turbo
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I bought a Nür from an Impreza 99 and if fits on my Forester 98. All hangers match, but the endpipe is 100mm too short. There is a steal beam to the trailing hitch forcing the exhaust down saving the bumper from melting. No problems.

Just a low rumble at idle with out the baffle to a wild roar at WOT:woohoo:
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