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greetings ...
my first post , here .

i have a 1999 forester , and have a problem i am unable to resolve .

the rear brake lights , the front turn indicator lights , and the radio led , are
all blinking , for 30 seconds ... then they stop ...
this is accompanied by a ticking , that seems to originate from behind the dash .
after a pause of about 10 seconds , it starts up again .
this will continue , ad infinitum , until the battery is drained .

i could find no mention of this in the manual , and a search , here , was
fruitless , as well ... this may be due to my inability to describe the problem
properly ...

has anyone a clue as to what this could mean ?...

my thanks ...

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Glad I was able to point you in the right direction! :smile: I hope you decided to hang around the forum. Lots of great information to be found here. :wink:


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