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Two VF39 Swapped 04 Forester XT's
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Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by, please feel welcome to leave any comments, questions, suggestions, or just say hi!

I have a 2004 Subaru Forester XT in Platinum Silver Metalic with a 4EAT Transmission with 225,0XX miles on it. I'll post some pics and dyno sheet as soon as I get a chance and figure out how to!

Tuned and Dyno'd at Surgeline in Portland 224WHP and 276wtq @17psi if I remember correctly

Mod List:

Engine Mods:
Cobb SF Intake with Airbox
Cobb Post MAF Tube
Tomioka Racing Turbo Inlet
Turbo XS Forester Specific TMIC
Grimmspeed 3port EBCS
IAG Street Series Air-Oil Separator
STI Catless Up-pipe
Cobb Catted Downpipe
Cobb Accessport V3 (LOVE THE VERSION 3!!!!)
Ebay (Mishimoto Knock-off) Aluminum Radiator
BG Transmission Cooler
STI 2.5L Oil Pan
Killer-B Oil Pick-up Tube
Fujimoto Oil Drain

Suspension Mods:
Whiteline Front Control Arm Bushings (ALK specific for Forester)
Whiteline Rear Lateral Link Bushings
STI Rear Lateral Links
Perrin Adjustable Front Sway Bar and Endlinks
Perrin Adjustable Rear Sway Bar, Stout Mounts, and Endlinks
JDM SG5B Bilstein Shocks and Springs

Brake Mods:
EBC S4 Rotors F&R
EBC UltiMax

Interior Mods:
Swapped Headunit for Pumpkin (Android tablet)
Prosport Oil Temp Gauge
Prosport Oil Pressure Gauge
AEM Wideband AFR
Ortiz Custom Gauge Pod Fitment and quality is about 8/10, had some issues with first two they sent me but they worked with me and got me taken care of

Exterior Mods:
Plastidipped Grille Flat Black.
Several Battle Scars from being run into by idiots not knowing how to drive.
Smashed Front Passenger Door <------ REPLACED FINALLY!!! YAAAAY!

I think that's everything that's done so far, I'll fill in anything else I think of.

Mods I'd Like to do, or am interested in finding out more about:

STi Steering Rack
Install OEM Body Color Matched Mudflaps
Body Color Match B-Pillars and Rear Mid-Spoiler Panel
Upgrade Brakes to 2-pot rears and 4-pot fronts
Refresh Suspension with Bilstein Struts from JDM Forester STi DONE!! I ****ING LOVE THESE STRUTS!!!!!
Rebuild/upgrade transmission and engine

Two VF39 Swapped 04 Forester XT's
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I'll post pics when I get off work later today or tomorrow, but I had the bilstein struts installed on saturday.


I don't think that the car is much lower, maybe 20-25mm, I do have Before/During/After pictures of the install, but they bolted right up without any problems, and I'm really surprised my stock suspension was in as good shape as it was but I don't abuse my car, I use it.

Regardless, my girlfriend was sitting in the car next to me and was the one to mention how nice the ride quality was, the complete lack of body roll and no more weird clunky noise. I'm incredibly impressed with them, very much an upgrade without any compromises that I have found yet. Car is much less inclined to Porpoise as it deals with speed bumps around town, and the front corner just dives into turns now instead of trying to launch me through my drivers door window.

These shocks work VERY well with my perrin f&r sway bars. The thing handles like a freaking dream now, it just wants to turn into corners whereas before I had to wait...wait... wait.... for the suspension to tighten up as the body continued to roll and lean farther and farther until the sway bars were engaged and then it was almost like over-correction, the sway bars would make the car feel twitchy when exiting a higher speed corner as the car transferred weight around..... but now.... its like telepathy!

I think getting these '13 wrx wheels with 235/45/17"X8" will be the last suspension mod I do to this car until I get the STi steering rack put in.

Finally my car is more than a one-trick pony, it was quick before, but now it can actually handle!

Oh and I stuck EBC rotors and pads on it while I was doing stuff.... and WOW that made an amazing difference too.

Two VF39 Swapped 04 Forester XT's
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Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

I had a compression and leakdown test performed at 180K when I upgraded the turbo and got it tuned, it was:
120psi(13%)*- 110psi(7%) - 120psi(10%) - 110psi(7%)

All original motor, looking to do my 3rd Timing belt service here pretty soon, up to 231,xxx miles as of this morning.

I assumed my motor would be on its last legs at this point, but honestly other than about 1/2qt of oil consumption every 3,500-5,000 miles I have had few issues I couldn't solve with this car.... and knock on wood it is running more reliably and consistently than at any other point when it was stock.
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