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bizarre ABS TPMS warnings

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Have you seen or heard anything like this? Our 2014 Forester 2.5i Touring (58,000 miles) started concurrently displaying 3 warnings, for no apparent reason: ABS, TPMS and oil level. In the beginning I checked the tire pressures and oil level, and all were perfect. The Subie dealer read the OBD-II and found no error codes. (Even though the car is out of warranty, he did not charge for the diagnosis!) Switching the car off and back on again clears the messages. The event has happened dozens of times in no peculiar situations. When I slam on the brakes, the ABS kicks in as expected. I spoke with Subaru customer support and they said they would make a note, but no one else had reported such an issue. Later we noticed that when the bizarre warnings pop up, the cruise control gets switched off. I mentioned to our local Service Writer that last year our Forester was involved in a parking lot incident in which a UHaul damaged the rear quarter panel (tail light lens, bumper cover etc.). The repair shop is meticulous so I don't think any relevant wiring was not addressed. The is our 5th Subaru and it has been perfect until now. We have not yet taken our Forester for the brake-light-switch recall.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
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