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best price for struts ?

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I am looking to replace my struts - I bought the car with just under 100K on the clock and the ride seems to be not bouncey but does seem to feel like the its bottoming out . My inderstanding is that the stockers are only good for about 100K . -- Please correct me if I am off base on this

My understanding is that kyb gr2's are teh replacement strut for my MY03 foz .Opinions ?

My intention is 1" spacers and maybe in fall a set of king springs . Taking baby steps and replacing the worn parts before adding the fun parts .

so what it comes down to is this ... are thos ethe struts to get and whats the best price you've found them ?

for best price I found KYB's on ebay for 277.00 for all corners shipped .

thanks for in advance for any help
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