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Hey everyone,
Quick question regarding 02-07 WRX / 04 STi 5x100 BC coils
I know they bolt onto the SG line but my concern is with the coil being smaller length since the Impreza strut suspension is typically 1" smaller, will they slam a FXT? I know BC makes SG specific coils but I found a great deal on a new set of 06 WRX BC DS with swift springs. I'm just wondering what to expect with the stance. I don't want to slam my Foz but was hoping for a bit more drop and adjustability. Can you use saggy butt spacers to help lift the rear? I'm not too worried about the front as it seems the Impreza and FXT has roughly the same size strut housing. My question is, will the Foz be slammed unless I max out the coil to the most extended position? That is usually a no no for c/o's? You want to be roughly in the middle of their range for best performance and durability? Any help would be great from anyone who had any knowledge about running WRX coils on SGs. Thanks for your time
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