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battery icon flashes on dash

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Yesterday (11-2-2018) i was driving on the freeway and was accelerating while on the onramp getting ready to merg with traffic. When my RPMs reached between 3k-4k the battery icon started flashing and flickering rapidly on the dash. when my car finally shifts and drops down in RPMs the icon turns off and stops flashing. Yesterday is when it flashed the most and stayed on the longest, but when it has done this before, it was usually only for a few seconds and that would be it. I have checked the battery charge as well as the alternator, both of which show a full charge. So I have no idea what could be the issue, can anyone speak on what might be the issue?


car specs: 2008 Subaru forester.
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Did you check the condition of the terminals for corrosion and / or that connections were tight?

Are you getting around 14 volts from the alternator with the engine running?

I'm wondering if the alternator is starting to break down at high revs - maybe get someone to rev it while you take a reading?
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