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2002 Forester L 5MT, 2020 WRX 6MT
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Has anyone heard or experienced a 'false' CEL because of a weak or damaged battery? I heard something on utube about it, and in the past year or so, I've had a P0065, a couple of P0420s and a couple of P0328s. the first two were reset and don't come back for hundreds or thousands or miles. The P0328, (knock sensor) happened a couple of months ago and I replaced the sensor, (I had a spare). It came back on a I re-torqued the bolt to it and it's been off a few hundred miles.

The battery is a Super Start, (O'Reilly) unit, build date 12/13, installed on 02/14, yes I know, should be past it's prime, but it started the car on the coldest days of the year last winter and reads normal voltage. I took it to have it tested at the parts store last winter and they said it was 'damaged' but didn't give any details.
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