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basic wheel questions

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I have a 2007 forester. I use it as a dinghy to pull behind my motorhome. The wheels are the factory steel silver wheels and they have seen better days. I thought about painting them black because the style is ok. I am also looking into some basic black wheels that are more agressive than they are racey. i am not wanting this thing to look like a jdm rice burner, more like an aggressive utility vehicle. i have seen some basic black steel wheels for as little as about $75/ea. my question is about offset? from what i can tell my oem wheels are 50mm offset???? but I have seen different opinions on this. Can anyone recommend a reasonable wheel that is black in a 16"
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I cant help you with the your wheel choice but I like the style your going for .

Off set is misleading because et 50 is actually insert depth not off set but I believe yours is et 48 .
so the higher the number of ET the narrower the track , at least it is in Europe.
On our '03 that we had, I bought some chrome ABS covers that looked same as wheels, except were chrome. They covered all except nuts, they secured with clips around edge, never a problem, looked great and easy to clean. I bought a second set once, never needed so they are still boxed up.

Some day, I'll just give the box of skins to someone with an older Forester as a surprise gift from a stranger maybe? :D


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@CrystalPistol I saw those but do not want chrome.
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@oldschoolhdmike 2007 Subaru wheels are 5x100, offset +48 & the hub bore is 56.1mm.

Lots of good information can be found here: - Subaru Forester 2007 Alloy wheel fitment guide


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