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Yes. Ordered a Triple Armour set from Primitive Racing. Great service with really quick delivery. One week from playing order to delivery of package to Auckland New Zealand. Unfortunately on install we found that there are differences in the underbody layout between Australasian and USA Foresters.
1. As supplied the Primitive Skid Plate has a 20 degree upturn from the front mounts forward. We took the plate to a sheet metal shop and reduced the upturn to about 6 degrees and got a perfect fit.
2.Australasian Foresters have a different rear diff to USA Foresters so the Primitive bracket doesn't fit. Blake of Primitive thinks based on photos that I sent that our Foresters have a WRX pattern. It was not Primive Racing fault that this happened. Why there is a difference only Subaru would know. Anyway Primitive have been most helpful and understanding and have engineered a new design diff bracket which is just about ready to be shipped. All 3 skid plates ( engine, transmission and diff) are well engineered and will certainly give piece of mind in the rough. Herewith (hopefully) are some relevant pics. I seem to make a bit of a horse arse when I attach pics so here goes nothing. I have other pics of the difference in the underbody for comparison purpose if anybody needs them. In the end the fix was simple and any sheet metal shop could reduce the upturn in a few minutes. You cannot do it at home as it is 5mm plate.


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