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ok, here's the deal... I bought DAMWAGN's ECUTek'd ecu, which was tuned by Kingpin.

I'm getting slight overboost to ~18.5psi in 4th and 5th gear... I want to send this to Kingpin to readjust, but didnt have a replacement ecu.. I now have a replacement ecu.. so I'm going to send the ecu to Kingpin..

however, I want to use the new Tari Logger to grab a binary dump of the ECU, in case something goes wrong... anyone tried to grab a binary of their ecu with the tari logger and v1 of the Tactrix cable ? I'd be more interested to hear whether anyone has tried to write this binary back to the ECU...

If I do this, will the binary also capture the ECUTek' license info too ? I just want to be sure that I don't lose the license info
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