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36 years ago, in 1983, we bought our first Subaru, a 1983 Subaru GL wagon. It was the first car we bought as a married couple. We loved our Subie. Many fun adventures were had in our little blue wagon.

Jump forward 36 years and a new Subaru has entered our lives. We just purchased a 2019 Forester Sport.


We are retiring in Idaho and I needed a car that would handle the snow well, was comfortable but sporty and could take us on adventures as well as be a fun vehicle to build up and personalize to our needs.
We actually had gone to buy a Crosstrek but they were too small, so we looked at Outbacks but they we too expensive, then our car salesman showed us the Forester and it was a perfect fit!!!
I never imagined when we went to the dealership that we would leave with a Forester but I am so glad we did!
So if you'd like, join us on our build and the many adventures that we will have in our new Subie.
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