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2009 Forester XT Auto
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So it seems the cool thing to do here is make a member journal- so here goes--
I bought the Foz off my pops when he decided to upgrade to a '14. It's a DGM '09 XT premium. Not sure if the Canadian version is much different from those in the States but getting parts can certainly be a challenge.
The mods so far are few and far between but in time hopefully the Foz will be turned into a beast. Sorry for the crappy pics, in time I'll get some better ones up here.

-Plastidipped handles, front grille, hood intake, hood sides, mirrors, winter rims, chrome trim around fog lights.
De-baddged emblems except for "xt"
Gorilla mud flaps all around
Thule cargo box
Sylvania HB, DRL upgrade

Rubber floor mats (major performance upgrade)

Does winterized windshield fluid count?....

Wish/ To-Do list
-Pioneer or Alpine head unit- any recommendations?
-Polk, Alpine, or JL audio door speakers
-Custom sub-enclosure in rear "cubby" space- there are some badass custom installs on this site... if only I was more a fabricator
-Sport grille
-Front Spoiler

I see my thumbnail pics have been flipped... Sorry again for crappy pics


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