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Auxiliary spot light wiring??

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Does anyone have experience routing wires from the engine bay through the firewall on an SH model Forester (2011) ??

I don't want to drill through, but can't seem to find a grommet or place to feed the wires, in order to fit a new switch for the spot lights.

Any help would be appreciated!
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I don't know if this helps on your model but there is an extra knob that can be cut off on the grommet that allows the fuel lines to travel through the fire wall on the 04 SG , that's where I poked my amp cable through. It means whipping out the glove box and loosening the blower fixing bolts so you can get your hand in behind it to reach the hard piece of wire that you should tape the wire to so it's easily pulled through.
Ther are 4 points of access 2 through the main fire wall and two via the wing areas which feed into the compartment just forward of the A pillar.

Engine bay

In compartment

plus the possibility of a couple of unused plugs although exact location not clear

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