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1998 Forester L
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First time poster, but this forum has been so helpful in documenting other fixes that I cannot thank you guys enough.

Today, after fixing a small leak in the radiator with a bottle of the Subaru stop-leak I decided to brim the radiator up with coolant as much had leaked from the hole in the radiator. I opened up the radiator cap and unscrewed the other opening hole on the other side of the radiator. After both were filed i put the cap back on and then screwed in the other cap. While screwing it in the top broke off and the plastic screw became logged into its slot. I put the broken cap back over the logged screw and taped it down to the radiator. I am now worried that I am losing pressure through that hole even though after driving it seems fine (engine is at normal temperature and the area above the cap is not hot nor is it seeping coolant). What should i do, and should i be worried. I was already planning on replacing the radiator this summer after some finances get sorted out, but is there anything I should/can do now? Thank you very much.

-Car:1998 Subaru Forester L
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