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2010 XTP Manual
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bit of background, I have sh9 2010 Forester with the factory Kenwood? Navigation screen.

The unit has the set of RCA's (Yellow, Red, White) in the centre arm rest to add some sort of aux input.

The plan was to use the aux as a slave monitor from my mobile phone to play movies, and music through the stock car system

I made up the connections to turn the digital mhl output from my phone, to analog RCA input to work with the car.

This was all tested on a home TV and the results were excellent

When I try this in the car, it is not as great, audio is fine, but video is horrible

The video input quality is fine, but it mostly only plays in black and white, sometimes it plays in colour when i select the source.

Changing the input on the HU to PAL or NTSC makes no difference. A second of colour then black and white again.

If I pull the yellow RCA out of the centre arm rest slowly, I can get some colour, or a mix of black/white/green or black/white/red and the signal quality is pretty average, but that does not matter as a plug half hanging out of the unit won't work as a long term solution.

Anyone know what makes the video signal turn black and white? The simple answer might be a stuffed RCA, but if that is it, why is the signal clear, just the colour is wrong?

Any ideas
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