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I recently installed the jazzy engineering aux input in my girlfriends 06 Forester
LL Bean. With the jazzy instructions, the install was straightforward. I also installed a 3.5mm stereo splitter cable so we can listen to sirius or ipod though the aux input. I removed the 9v socket out of the armrest storage box, connected it to the sirius tuner, and hid it under the cupholders.

The only issue I had with the install was that there was a high pitched whine relative to engine speed when the sirius on. I ran a ground wire from the lighter socket to the e brake assembly. With this it almost completely eliminated the noise. I say almost, because you can slightly hear it at high volume.

I also ran the aux cable for the ipod though the socket hole in the armrest storage box.

For the sirius tuner, I removed the door over the ashtray and was able to still
have access to the other 9v socket. The tuner is held in with velcro.

Not the best pictures, but it gives you and idea.

Thanks for everyone else's posts.



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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