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I have searched around on the forums and google, but I haven't found anyone who has modified the liftgate on a Forester to be automatic. (Touchless)
I ask because my wife has a hard time reaching the handle to close the gate.
We have a 2010 model.
I haven't seen anyone here do it but I remember someone inquiring about it. I think, and I really don't know, that if it is possible it will be a major undertaking and expensive. While the forester has really good ground clearance it is not a big/high vehicle. I think this should have been considered before your purchase of the FOZ since it seems to be an issue for your family. Maybe there is a way to attach a loop type strap/handle to the lift gate to make it easier for your wife to grab. Just don't put it at the bottom of the LG or it will probably get caught in LG when closing.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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