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Auto Stop/Start System ► feature discussion ONLY (merged thread)

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I thought I posted this earlier but I cannot find the posting. Sorry if I doubled up

It is my understanding that the 2019 Fozzie Touring has an auto shut down feature. Does anyone know if it has a defeat or shut off feature.


► Edit - Administrator's note - this thread is for Auto Stop/Start "feature discussions" ONLY!

The "technical discussions"... how to disable this feature, can be found in this thread: Permanently disable Auto Stop/Start - technical discussions ONLY (merged thread)

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Who is going to not run their a/c or defroster so they can use the auto stop/start.
That is ridiculous! Sounds like I will just be pushing that cut off stop/start button daily!
I think you may be misunderstanding. I believe the manual to mean that under high heat conditions Auto-Start/Stop will be disabled until the engine cools down. :nerd:
No probs mate, the Q85 Battery is getting more readily available, Subaru Australia recommends the Century Q85 as a replacement at $450 a pop they are not cheap :frown2:
HOLY! :surprise:

"Well son, we had to dip into your college fund..." :crying:

1 - 2 of 619 Posts