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Auto Stop/Start System ► feature discussion ONLY (merged thread)

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I thought I posted this earlier but I cannot find the posting. Sorry if I doubled up

It is my understanding that the 2019 Fozzie Touring has an auto shut down feature. Does anyone know if it has a defeat or shut off feature.


► Edit - Administrator's note - this thread is for Auto Stop/Start "feature discussions" ONLY!

The "technical discussions"... how to disable this feature, can be found in this thread: Permanently disable Auto Stop/Start - technical discussions ONLY (merged thread)

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As I understand it every time you start a trip in the car you can deactivate Auto Stop/Start by pushing a button on the lower left dash. There is no way to permanently deactivate it. This annoying "feature" is a deal breaker for me.
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This feature is not on the 2018 Forester's correct?
Auto Start/Stop is not on any 2018 Foresters sold in the US. Some confuse "Auto Start/Stop" with "Push Button to Start/Stop". Push Button to Start/Stop is on some 2018 Forester trim lines.
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And I am wondering how this is going to work on a 113 degree afternoon in the scorching hot Arizona sun, when the A/C compressor shuts down and fan speed is reduced while I sit at a long traffic light. I know, I know... I can push the defeat button, but I would rather not have to do that.

And how will Auto Stop/Start work at night? How much drain will there be on the battery with the headlights on? No doubt that batteries, starters and other components that occasionally have to be replaced will be more expensive for the 2019 thanks to this "feature".

Keeping my 2010 is looking better all the time.
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Auto S/S is on every 2019 trim level and can be turned off with a switch on the dash.
But you have to turn it off every time you start the car. There is no way to permanently disable Auto Stop/Start.
Just slightly ease off on the brake pressure after the car stops moving and Stop/Start won't activate. It soon becomes an automatic response.
From a safety standpoint I think I would rather keep my foot firmly on the brake when I'm stopped at a red light. If I get bumped from behind my vehicle may get pushed farther forward (into the intersection or car in front of me) if I'm applying light pressure to brake pedal. The following is from page 340 of the 2019 Forester owner's manual:

"After the vehicle is stopped, the engine may not automatically stop if the brake pedal is not fully depressed. Make sure to depress the brake pedal firmly when stopping the vehicle."
Just wonder if anyone would pay for Auto Stop/Start if it were an option?
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In what model year did Subaru put AS/S on the Crosstrek?
Before we purchased our vehicle I looked at the vehicle features listed on the dealer's website and did not find the start stop listed.
That's probably because the dealer chose not to advertise what is a negative "feature" for many drivers.
That ship has already sailed. Auto start/stop is here to stay.
Perhaps not if the overly aggressive 2022-2025 EPA standards are rolled back to current levels.
Now it becomes a safety issue if you disable AS/S (I like that acronym) while driving. Scrolling through multiple menus while driving is downright distracting.
A/S/S (abut the right description ha ha)
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Can Auto Stop/Start cause damaging engine wear? Castrol seems to think so here:

"Castrol MAGNATEC STOP-START specifically protects your engine in busy traffic conditions, offering 20%** more protection from damaging stop-start engine wear."
THe manual just says it will turn on "if the vehicle meets certain conditions" but no mention of what those are.
Page 342 of your owners manual lists twenty-some operational and non-operational conditions for AS/S:

And why does Subaru refer to it as Auto Start/Stop instead of Auto Stop/Start? The annoying feature Stops the engine first.
It was added in 2019.It was the reason I didn't buy the then new 2019.
Same here. I had planned on driving my 2010 Forester until the 2020 models were out. But as soon as I learned that AS/S was coming in the 2019 Forester, I moved up my timeline two model years and bought a 2018. A year later we went through the same move-up with my wife's car. We had planned on replacing her 2007 Honda Accord with a 2020 Crosstrek. As soon as we heard that AS/S was coming to the 2020 Crosstreks, we bought a 2019. So glad we don't have AS/S on either of our Subarus.
Besides being annoying to many drivers, AS/S adds cost and complexity to the vehicle (complexity is the enemy of reliability). And overriding AS/S with less than optimal brake pedal pressure could pose a safety issue.
It's shaved several hours of wear and tear off my vehicle
Especially the starter and battery.
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Yeah, that off button is in a bad spot. I usually have to lean over to look. I have black hook and loop tape. I thought about putting a little piece on the button itself just below the "off" text.
If the Forester switch/button panel is anything like Crosstrek, it looks like it's pretty easy to re-arrange the buttons. Start viewing at 1:25 into this video:
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There is an extensive list of reasons the Auto S/S will not engage listed in the manual.
Which is why it is a very complex system. Complexity is the enemy of reliability.
I did not check, but wonder if it can be disabled
Yes and no. There is a button to disable but it only remembers "off" for the remainder of that trip. You have to remember to push the off button every time you start the car. However, there is a $99 aftermarket device (Auto Stop/Start Eliminator) that you can install that remembers your off or on preference until you push the button again.
To clarify...when you disable AS/S after you manually start your car, it remains disabled for the duration of your drive.
Here's an aftermarket device that will permanently remember your disable setting:
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