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Audio - standard front speakers

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Just after a bit of advice on the poor sound quality of the (front) speakers in my Cross Sports. So far as I know, the whole system is standard, Subaru spec and is therefore 15 years old. That might explain what I'm about to say but hear me out (no pun intended) - what happens is that as soon as you turn up the volume (on anything, from radio to cd and regardless of music genre) the door speakers start to vibrate as if they've got drum and bass being cranked through them at full volume! I'm not a car audio nut but do like to listen to music when I'm driving. So my question is:- do I need to replace and/or upgrade the standard front speakers or do I need to install some vibration dampening material in the doors. Or both?? I guess the latter might help with the infamous road/wind noise!!

I haven't taken the door trims off yet to have a look at anything, but may have to do that soon anyway to sort out a dodgy electric window (but I'll leave that for another thread/post)!!!

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions! :thumbsup:
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Sounds to me based off your description that the speakers are blown. Particularly if they get that sound at lower volume levels, meaning as soon as you roll into the volume (about halfway to loud in simplest terms).

I'd do speaker replacement, and sound deadening "while you are in there". Sounds like you already know the benefits of the deadening!

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@skirbykat thanks for the reply! Yeah, my first thought was that the speakers were shot, so I will start looking for replacements. As for sound deadening, I don't want to go mad with it but from what I've been reading, doing the Fozzy's doors does help with the ol' road/wind noise. Any thoughts on material other than Dynamat, which I can't afford!? RAAMmat/Ensolite seems to get good reviews on here and elsewhere. Ignoring the really cheap stuff you see on ebay, I'd also be interested in some of the other alternatives such as B-Quiet, Noico and Kilmat.
Personally, I chose kilmat, based on research performed by others on you tube. It seemed to be best drop in db per dollar spent. Unfortunately, I can't say from experience because I have yet to install. 50 mil thickness should work fine for doors

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Well hurry up and install it so you can tell me what it's like! :wink2:
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