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Audio build

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This will be the smallest build iv done in any of my vehicles but this is gonna be dd vehicle so i need to keep some room for kayaking/fishing/camping gear. 1 sundown audio zv2 12 with zv3 soft parts powered by a aq2200 at 1 ohm box is made of 1 inch birch with a 4 inch aero port tuned to 32 hrtz, anyway on with the pics


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Nice build. I love me some Baltic Birch; that 1" stuff must be crazy expensive. :icon_eek: Sundown makes great drivers as well, that twelve has a serious basket and magnet.
yea but its so worth it so much lighter then mdf and much denser, i just got it hooked up and my god is it loud way louder then i thought it wss gona be
1 - 2 of 3 Posts