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Hey guys,

I'm not sure if this is normal or not, but I noticed that my AT 2002 Forester S shifts a little rough when I first start driving off of a cold start, meaning I haven't driven it for a few hours or since the day before. It's fine once it warms up, but when I first start accelerating, the car seems to kick back just a little as it switches gears. After a few minutes, there's no problem at all. I had new transmission fluid put in last year around this time and I only drive about 10K a year, so very light usage.

It was doing it this past winter, and I thought maybe it was just because it was cold, but it still does it in the summer time, although not nearly to the same extent.

Is this just a quirk that many Forester's have, or is it a warning sign for something that needs to get fixed ASAP?

Thanks in advance.
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