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I just replaced my OEM Geolandar G91s after only 30,000 miles as they were all, despite regular rotation and proper inflation, worn to the nub. The guy at the shop said that OEM tires wear earlier because they are made softer than other tires of the same, exact model, to make a softer and more pleasant test drive for potential buyers. Not sure if I buy that, or not, but these did need replacing much earlier than they should have. Curious if that sounds plausible, or not.

FYI, with snow season coming, I could no longer wait to see if Yokohama would introduce a 225/60/17-sized G015, so went with the AT-S.
The OEM Geolandars on my Crosstrek were at 7/32's out of 10, on my 40kmile Crosstrek when I sold it to get the Forester. Sounds like your alignment was off, or you didn't regularly rotate per spec. They are extremely long lasting tires...

What tire dealer told you is true. OEM tires are crappy in most of the cases. Simple Google search will tell you that regardless of which car and model you read about. Look closely on tires. You will see treadware number and performance rating. The lower the treadware number, the lower life of tire is. You have made good decision of changing the tires. Trust me, you will feel lot confident with non OEM tires in snow.

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OE tire are usually harder rubber. Brake less, grip and hold the road less. But are quieter (consumers like on test drives), and lower rolling resistance to get better mpg ratings (to help with that advertised figure, and CAFE). That's the general consensus and has been the case with my last few cars from Honda/Acura/Subaru.
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