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Hey Jami, we really missed you guys and Hayden was very dissapointed that he didn't get to hang with Jaron. Hopefully we'll see you guys this summer (either we'll go east or you can come west).

We missed the Superu clan as well. I'm just glad that we got to visit with Richard (but sad that we missed Judy and Emily) a few weeks ago and got to see his amazing house and the construction project that he's in the midst of.

Where is Jason? He's MIA!

We had an awesome time with the Boca_Yids! I've got to say that I just LOVE Ira and Myrna - they are a really fun couple!!!!! We went up to Pisgah and did some driving, stopped at the NC Arboreteum and looked at Bonsai (how cute are they?) and then they came back to the new house and we bbq'd. They now have the honored position of being the first ever people that we entertained at our new house! Unfortunately, Hayden vomited all over the place as they were leaving, but they were so sweet to keep Lillian occupied while we cleaned up the mess (nothing would have been worse then Lil dancing in the yuck).

I'm gonna leave the details of our drive to Carl - hopefully I have at least one photo to post.

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What she said^^^!!!:grin:

We had an excellent time, and drove the gravel all the way from Brevard back to Asheville, about 25-30 miles worth.:cool: We didn't really take many pics but I have a few. It has been great making new friends from this board, and you don't have to have a bunch of people to have a great time. We missed everyone that didn't make it:icon_frown:, but we had enough fun for all of you.:wink:

Jami, we hope you get to feeling better. Richard, hope the inspection goes well.

Hanging out in Bent Creek after many miles of gravel.

In Bent Creek, resides the Arboretum where they have an awsome Bonsi garden. Peaty, the pic with the coin is a tribute to you.:grin:

The XT's hanging around while we BBQ'd at our new house on our new Weber grill that we bought for this event.....Charcoal:cool:

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We're finally back home! Got in around 2am.
I've only got this one pic of the cars together.
We were too busy holding on to take pics. :wink:
I'm going to post pics of our trip into the Great Smokey Mountains NP in a separate thread.
really! happened to everybody!?
You all missed a nice run.

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