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April 29, 2006 Meet

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Checking my funky-fresh, super-sweet subaruforester.? calander ( 8) ), I see that the first weekend in May is the 6-7th. :D
Y'all know what that means!!! Time to get the ball rolling.

This will now be a joint venture between subaruforester.? and as there are some members in the area who drive non-foresters. However, I'm thinking follow the same May meet format and keeping the meet in Pisgah and the off-road to the gravel roads with a pavement option so that none is left out. :D

Of course, I'd like to get y'alls input. :wink:
Edit: May 6th to April 29th.
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I'm gonna have to see if I can make it. But I'd really like to join in on any off-road part, especially knowing that Carl has already done the recon on some good runs.

In fact, the new Fozza suffered its first body damage this past weekend, while driving from CT back to DC on I-95 during a snow storm. I passed two salt trucks that were blasting salt out their side so hard that it chipped my paint all along the right side. :( Why the f*ck do they have to use salt anyway?!?

On the upside, now that my car is damaged, I might as well start to do some real damage to it off-road. :twisted:


PS: Carl, to you still have one of those old-style stickers that you offered up some weeks/months ago? Now that I finally have my Fozza, I can't find the ones I got from TonyW anymore. :?
I'd love to drive down for the Sunday off-road part. But spring is my busy time at work, and I aleady have several balloon events scheduled. :\ Gonna have to play this one by ear, and maybe wait until September.

Love the idea of taking the Skyline drive on the way down. I'm planning to explore logging and fire roads out in WV this summer with my brother-in-law who just got an dual-purpose motor bike.

BTW, Carl: I forget, you have a sump guard already, right? You got the one? I'm about to order one of the last remaining from SubaXtreme, so at least I'll be ready from the protection side. Still have to install the sticker you so kindly sent -- it's always too cold or rainy to install and stick well...
Update: I definitely won't be able to make it this April. Friends of ours will be visiting from Seattle. Sorry. :\

The September meet should be a better bet -- provided it doesn't coincide with our trip to Europe, planned around my little sister's Sept. 9 wedding reception.

By September, Carl's new house will be all set up for BBQ, my SubaXtreme bash plate will be installed, and I will hopefully have managed some off-road practice out in the Shenandoah/West Virginia.
1 - 3 of 104 Posts