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April 29, 2006 Meet

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Checking my funky-fresh, super-sweet subaruforester.? calander ( 8) ), I see that the first weekend in May is the 6-7th. :D
Y'all know what that means!!! Time to get the ball rolling.

This will now be a joint venture between subaruforester.? and as there are some members in the area who drive non-foresters. However, I'm thinking follow the same May meet format and keeping the meet in Pisgah and the off-road to the gravel roads with a pavement option so that none is left out. :D

Of course, I'd like to get y'alls input. :wink:
Edit: May 6th to April 29th.
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Ok i need more info on this... i am going to rule out the off roading part of this i love my car tooooo much. but what does the tarmac part intail???? i am intrested and free the weekend that this is planed for just need more info.
ok now your not answering me
i want to go... i will let you know in a few days. i am looking in to places to stay that are fairly inexpensive... camping is fine with me actually i would rather camp. but cheap rooms would be fine too. and if i go my girfriend (xtguysgirl) will be along also.
ok i dont know if i am going to be making the meet. :sad: my clutch is done and the parts are ordered but i got an email today telling me that the parts are backordered 3-4 weeks. so that puts me getting the parts pretty close to the meet. if i can get everything together by then im 85% sure im comming but it all depends on the clutch.
i want to go, i want to go!!!!! i am working on this. car still in the drive way :tempertantrum
really! all these clutches and there all on backorder 3-4 weeks. but i am working on it.
hey all,
me and the woman will not be able to make it to the meet... i know i know!!! sorry maybe the next one. got the car fixed but now there are no funds to put towards the trip.
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