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Approximate Cost to Remove Bumper Cover Scratches?!

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Hi gang,

I have purchased a 2010 Subaru Forester which seems perfect externally except for some scratches on the passenger side bumper cover corner. My wife is already upset that I bought a Subaru when she wanted a Lexus, so it's gotta be in perfect condition when she sees it. Oops.

I'm thinking this is a 'auto body and paint' shop kind of engagement rather than anything DIY, but have no idea how much it might be to fix other than taking it to a ton of auto body shops.

Anyone have a similar scuff that they've rectified? Would a very good detailer be able to do something like this? What about the scratch'n'dent 1-day fixers?

If geography matters, it's around Beaverton, Oregon, USA.



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Best bet is autobody and have them do a blend if possible.
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