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Approximate Cost to Remove Bumper Cover Scratches?!

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Hi gang,

I have purchased a 2010 Subaru Forester which seems perfect externally except for some scratches on the passenger side bumper cover corner. My wife is already upset that I bought a Subaru when she wanted a Lexus, so it's gotta be in perfect condition when she sees it. Oops.

I'm thinking this is a 'auto body and paint' shop kind of engagement rather than anything DIY, but have no idea how much it might be to fix other than taking it to a ton of auto body shops.

Anyone have a similar scuff that they've rectified? Would a very good detailer be able to do something like this? What about the scratch'n'dent 1-day fixers?

If geography matters, it's around Beaverton, Oregon, USA.



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You need to see if the scratches go through the clear coat. If the scratches are in the clear coat only, you can remove the scratches yourself at home. I have done it on my 2018, looks like the same colour as yours, and on my wife's 2017 RX350 when she hit a yellow pole.

If you have to add more clear coat, ChrisFix also has videos on how to do that, and he has videos on how to remove paint transfer, like when the car hits a yellow pole.

In the video he shows you how to determine whether or not it's just a clearcoat scratch. For the polisher, I used something you just stick in the end of a drill. Remember you want a random-orbital kind of motion, not just a spinning motion.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts